Case Studies

Industrial Clients - a niche for Techni-Graphics

With a background in manufacturing gained over 10 years working in the furniture industry, owner Beth Basista is very familiar with production, manufacturing, engineering and marketing, which made industrial advertising a natural fit. "Most designers are not comfortable with industrial clients which gave me the niche I needed to grow my business." said Basista. Experience in technical writing, illustration, photography, graphic design, and communications are all put to use when planning the best direction for helping these clients gain market share. Industrial clients include furniture, aluminum, fabrication, industrial controls, racking, sprinkler systems, commercial pipe, tank heads, plastics, solar panel racks, home heating & cooling systems, kitchen & bath products, windows, and more. It is important to project a professional image for each client and determine the best plan to set them apart from the competition. Some clients are on a project basis while others follow a Media Plan like Taylor-Winfield Technologies.

Taylor-Winfield Technologies

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Techni-Graphics has been the Agency of Record for Taylor-Winfield Technologies since October 2011. The goal has been to brand a professional image and position the company as a world leader in the design and manufacture of material joining equipment and systems with a legacy of over 100 years. We began with a professional photo shoot to capture quality images throughout the manufacturing facility, corporate offices, testing lab and on site at Sharon Coatings, to spotlight one of their customers. Projects include a 10-Page pocket folder brochure, a variety of ads placed in trade publications, posters, trade show displays, and a product inserts for the brochure. The following message was received after the brochures were delivered.

The brochure looks great! You did a wonderful job for us. The next step is to create the inserts. Thanks. Best regards,

Blake Rhein - Vice President Sales & Marketing

Taylor Winfield.

Bulldog Rack Company

After working for 16 years with another advertising agency, the owner passed away suddenly and I needed to find a replacement. I interviewed several agencies before selecting Techni-Graphics. As the national sales manager and marketing director for my company I am responsible for overseeing all advertising and public relations. In just three months after selecting Techni-Graphics, Inc. as our agency, we were able to complete five new full color brochures, two new color ads for national publications and several press releases. The response we received from our dealers and customers on the exceptional quality of our new literature was overwhelming. I enjoy my meetings at Techni-Graphics and working side by side with the designer which has given our new literature a look that not only sets us apart from our competition but gives our customers a vast amount of product information.

Today I am comfortable with the consistency we have in our marketing plan we tweak each year to adjust to changes in the market. It's nice to look at my schedule at a glance and know where I am at with my budget and what we've implemented month after month.


David P. Johnstone
pictured l to r: Dave Johnstone - Sales & Von Kurty - President

Bulldog Rack.

The Service Industry/Medical

Institutions and companyies who provide a service benefit from Techni-Graphics' ability to assess their needs, and prepare a plan to fit a specific budget. Autumn Hills Care Center came to Techni-Graphics with a need to fill empty beds. After putting together a first quarter marketing plan which included television, radio, and press releases, the beds were filled & a waiting list began. For the following several years, Techni-Graphics continued to brand the new image of Autumn Hills and the care center soon afterward was voted Best in it's Class by the readership of the local Town Crier newspaper. Over the years, marketing plans have been fine-tuned to accommodate the facilities' expansions, including the new Outpatient Therapy Wing, and its state-of-the-art private rooms addition. New commercials promoted the new Outpatient Therapy Wing and the advantage of having a wheelchair accessible van to provide free transportation. (Check out the radio samples & billboard pages shown on this website.)

Techni-Graphics clients receive monthly invoices that match up with their media schedule. The cost for new projects is always approved up front to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Autumn Hills Care System & Mike Coates Construction Company

We been doing business with Techni-Graphics and Ms. Beth Basista since 2002. Prior to this time, while we did advertise, our efforts were not integrated and we experienced mixed results.

After considering several advertising options, we chose Techni-Graphics, Inc. to handle the advertising for Autumn Hills Care System. Given a set budget, Techni-Graphics, Inc. developed a long-term marketing plan which included radio, network television, cable television, brochures, and press releases. Within just a few months, we began to realize results: Our occupancy greatly improved, and our name recognition in the community markedly grew. In fact, probably due to this increased community recognition, the readers of the Tribune Chronicle named Autumn Hills Care Center, Inc. as the area's best nursing home within this same year.

One advantage in choosing Techni-Graphics, Inc. over larger agencies is that you will have one contact. Information shared at a meeting will not be lost as it is communicated to the many individuals who may be working on your account at a larger agency. Another advantage is that you will receive more value for each dollar spent by you on advertising. Techni-Graphics, Inc. provided us with almost twice the advertising for the dollar than we otherwise would have received from a larger agency. With these advantages, it should also be noted that the advertising itself, whether print, radio or video, was of the highest quality in workmanship. Anyone wishing to discuss this with me may call me at 330-652-0190.

Mike Coates, Jr.

When an offer to buy Autumn Hills came in 2009, Mike Coates sold the company with the opportunity to give 100% of his attention to the family construction business Mike Coates Construction Company. Techni-Graphics continues to work for Mike Coates Construction Company.

Multi-Media projects include:
Corporate Literature, Website (, Press Releases, E-Mailings, Trade Publication Ads & placement, Television Commercials & billboards design & placement according to media schedule. Plus other miscellaneous projects including stationary and forms.

Mike Coates Construction Company.